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Got Paddle?

Got Paddle?

(Wed) February 16, 2005

Ilima Fung (Kalaheo High School)

It's not all about paddling. It's about working hard, being dedicated, and keeping the grades.

Practices for paddling run from three to five everyday afterschool. At paddling practice they paddle, condition, and workout. The coaches are Ms. Kisi Haines, Debbie, and Kalia.

This year we have a new coach for the JV boys named Likeke Gersaba. Likeke is a Kalaheo graduate, and paddled for the Kalaheo varsity last year. Last year's varsity boys won the OIA Championship.

When I asked Ms. Haine and Keke how the turnout was this year, Keke commented, "Good, a lot of people came out in the beginning. But only the strongest survived."

Ms. Haine adds, "The turnout was okay, we lost people due to grades, work, and pain tolerance."

With that I had to ask how the teams were coming along in training. Keke admits, "They look good, but still rusty. We have a lot of beginners. But by the middle of the season everybody should be at the same level."

On Saturday, January 15, Kalaheo had their first paddling meet. The JV boys came in first, JV girls finished third, varsity boys came in second, and the varsity girls were third. Mixed crew boys came in fourth, and mixed crew girls were in second.

On January 22, Kalaheo had their second regatta. The JV girls placed third and second, JV boys were first and first, varsity girls were fourth and first, varsity boys placed second and first, junior varsity mixed came in third, and varsity mixed came in first.

With finishes like that, Kalaheo looks like they're off to a very good start.


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