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Spectrum OC16

Thank you to OC16 for 35 years of telecasting OIA Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball and MORE!

Check out the schedule on OC16's website:  www.OC16.tv

Sport Advisor:
Darnell Arceneaux, Athletic Director, Waialua High School
Ph. (808) 637-8200, x228 

Joy Matsukawa,  Athletic Director, Mililani High School
Ph. (808) 307-4389

Effective SY 2023-24
Admission to Regular Season
$8.00 = General Admission

Admission to Championships
$9.00 = General Admission


Corbet Hits Mat With Experience

By: Taylor Ward
Posted (Tue) September 11, 2012
Summary: “Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy,” states a quote from Coach Dan Gable. Emblazoned on the laminated poster high on the coach’s bulletin board, it’s the first thing wrestlers see when they enter the Coach’s office. ... more

Youth Sports

By: Edward Jackson
Posted (Thu) December 10, 2009
Summary: Future stars of high school sports meet regularly on Saturday mornings at various Oahu Interscholastic Association high schools to participate in an all-day affair of amateur wrestling.... more

Photos from January 2, 2009 Dual Meet

Posted (Wed) January 7, 2009
Summary: See photos from the Wrestling Dual Meet held at Mililani HS on January 2, 2009... more

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2023 Kapolei Sean Salter
2022 Moanalua Lucas Misaki
2020 Moanalua Lucas Misaki
2019 Moanalua Lucas Misaki
2018 Leilehua Kevin Corbett
2017 Waianae Jeremy Johns
2016 Campbell Lucas Misaki
2015 Campbell Lucas Misaki
2014 Campbell Mark Buelow
2013 Campbell Mark Buelow
2012 Mililani Sam Lee
2011 Pearl City Michael Lee
2010 Campbell Mark Buelow
2009 Kaiser Mike Kim
2008 Kaiser Mike Kim
2007 Kaiser Mike Kim
2006 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2005 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2004 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2003 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2002 McKinley Chris Johnson
2001 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2000 Kahuku Reggie Torres
1999 McKinley Chris Johnson
1998 Moanalua Dean Casupang
1997 McKinley Chris Johnson
1996 McKinley Chris Johnson
1995 Kaimuki Kevin Yuen
1994 Waipahu Tats Hikiji
1993 Kaimuki Kevin Yuen
1992 Kahuku Lester Souza
1991 Kahuku Lester Souza
1990 Kahuku Lester Souza
1989 Radford Wayne Ohashi
1988 Kahuku Lester Souza
1987 Kahuku Lester Souza
1986 Waianae James Sequin
1985 Kahuku Lester Souza
1984 Kaiser Stephen Kim
1983 Kahuku Lester Souza
1982 Kaiser Stephen Kim
1981 Kaiser Stephen Kim
1980 Kaiser Stephen Kim
1979 Kaiser Stephen Kim
1978 Kaiser Stephen Kim
1977 Radford Bob Frey
1976 Radford Bob Frey
1975 Radford Bob Frey
1974 Radford Bob Frey
1973 Kalani Stephen Kim
1972 McKinley Gilbert Saiki
1971 Radford Bob Frey
1969 Kahuku Gib Hatter
1966 Kailua Mario Valdestri


2023 Moanalua Sean Sakaida
2022 Moanalua Sean Sakaida
2020 Moanalua Sean Sakaida
2019 Moanalua Sean Sakaida
2018 Moanalua Sean Sakaida
2017 Pearl City Todd Los Banos
2016 Pearl City Michael Lee
2015 Campbell Brian Weida
2014 Campbell Brian Weida
2013 Pearl City Mike Lee
2012 Pearl City Mike Lee
2011 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2010 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2009 Pearl City Michael Lee
2008 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2007 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2006 Farrington Charles Williamson
2005 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2004 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2003 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2002 Moanalua Joel Kawachi
2001 Castle Ben Guerreo & Moanalua Joel Kawachi
2000 Mililani Charles Ariola
1999 McKinley Chris Johnson
1998 McKinley Chris Johnson
1997 Radford Darcel Salanoa


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