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Thank you to OC16 for 35 years of telecasting OIA Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball and MORE!

Check out the schedule on OC16's website:  www.OC16.tv

Sport Advisor:
Rory Pico, Athletic Director, Campbell High School
Ph. (808) 305-3675

Admission to Championship Meets (Divisional, JV, Varsity Championship meets) (Effective SY 2023-24)
$9.00 = General Admission

For more info on OIA Track & Field, click on this link: https://sites.google.com/site/oiatrackcoachingtools/

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Kaiser High School is Seeking a Head Varsity Track and Field Coach

By: Kaiser High School
Posted (Wed) August 23, 2023
Summary: Kaiser High School is seeking a Head Varsity Track and Field coach... more

Track & Field Officials Needed

By: OIA Track & Field Officials
Posted (Wed) December 11, 2019
Summary: Officials are needed for Oahu Interscholastic Association High School Track & Field Meets. LIVE 1 to 1 meet training will be provided by a senior official.... more

OIA Track Championship Meets at Mililani High School

Posted (Thu) April 2, 2015
Summary: Due to ongoing construction projects at Mililani High School, for the upcoming OIA Track meets, please enter Mililani High's stadium from the Kipapa Drive gate. ... more

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2023 Mililani Ryan Mitani
2022 Kalani Matt Sanders
2019 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2018 Leilehua Dennis Bader
2017 Mililani Ryan Mitani
2016 Campbell Wyatt Tau
2015 Campbell Wyatt Tau
2014 Campbell Wyatt Tau
2013 Mililani Dane Matsunaga
2012 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2011 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2010 Mililani Dane Matsunaga
2009 Roosevelt Jeff Azuma
2008 Kahuku Sean Makaiau
2007 Mililani Marshall Ochi
2006 Kahuku Sean Makaiau
2005 Mililani Chad Miyamoto
2004 Pearl City Donaldo Hopper
2003 Kahuku Sean Makaiau
2002 Roosevelt Jeff Azuma
2001 Mililani Edwin Alfaro
2000 Mililani Edwin Alfaro
1999 Mililani Edwin Alfaro
1998 Radford Al Bader
1997 Castle Martin Hee
1996 Radford Al Bader
1995 Radford Al Bader
1994 Kalaheo Lewis Fuddy
1993 Kalaheo Lewis Fuddy
1992 Waipahu Eric Keola
1991 Waipahu Arthur Katahara
1990 Kaiser Tim Seaman
1989 Radford Al Bader & McKinley Ron Pate
1988 Kaiser Mitchell Otani
1987 Pearl City Steve Martin
1986 Radford Al Bader
1985 Radford Al Bader
1984 Radford Al Bader
1983 Radford Al Bader
1982 Radford Al Bader
1981 Radford Al Bader
1980 Radford Al Bader
1979 Radford Al Bader
1978 Radford Al Bader
1977 Mililani Skippa Dias
1976 Radford Al Bader
1975 Radford Al Bader
1974 Radford Al Bader
1973 Kailua William Belcher
1972 Radford John Velasco


2023 Mililani Steve Stinefelt
2022 Mililani Steve Stinefelt
2019 Mililani Nathan Aragaki
2018 Lelehua Dennis Bader
2017 Kaiser Kevin Kruszona
2016 Kaiser Kevin Kruszona
2015 Kaiser Kevin Kruszona
2014 Kaiser Kevin Kruszona
2013 Pearl City Donaldo Hopper
2012 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2011 Kahuku Louis Santiago, Jr.
2010 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2009 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2008 Mililani Dane Matsunaga
2007 Mililani Dane Matsunaga
2006 Mililani Dane Matsunaga
2005 Mililani Dane Matsunaga
2004 Pearl City Nathan Aragaki
2003 Mililani Dane Matsunaga
2002 Kaiser Kevin Kruszona
2001 Mililani Shane Akamine
2000 Mililani Shane Akamine
1999 Mililani Shane Akamine
1998 Mililani Shane Akamine
1997 Moanalua Randy Hiraki
1996 Moanalua David Carvalho
1995 Waipahu Lee Scruton
1994 Kalaheo Gary Stoner
1993 Campbell Janine Walker-Fairley
1992 Kalaheo Lewis Fuddy
1991 Mililani Shane Akamine
1990 Kaiser Debbi Larsen
1989 Kaiser Mitchell Otani
1988 Kaiser Mitchell Otani
1987 Mililani Clyde Ching
1986 Kaiser Mitchell Otani
1985 Kaiser Mitchell Otani
1984 Kaiser Mitchell Otani
1983 Radford Tom Chun
1982 Radford Tom Chun
1981 Radford Tom Chun
1980 Radford Tom Chun
1979 Leilehua Bonnie Kam
1978 Leilehua Bonnie Kam
1977 Leilehua Bonnie Kam
1976 Radford Tom Chun
1975 Radford Tom Chun
1974 Radford Tom Chun
1973 Radford Tom Chun


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