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Anuenue's Title IX Contribution

Anuenue's Title IX Contribution

(Tue) January 9, 2007

(Anuenue School)

Anuenue School is the OIA's Hawaiian Language Immersion Program member. It is a small and relatively new school that is trying to build its athletic program.

The media has made note of the U. S. House of Representative's first female speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Well, Anuenue School's Softball team is another outstanding example of Women's Rights.

Two month's ago, there was nothing. Within a short period of time, Anuenue School was able to pull together coaches, players, and equipment to field a team.

The Hawaii State Legislature set aside additional funds for Junior Varsity Softball. Since Anuenue School had only enough players to field a Varsity team, Anuenue School had to find other funds.

The school's athletic program had to beg and borrow to get enough funding to field a team. There were coaches like Mitch Matsumoto and Kehau Camara who came forward.

The Softball team started with only three girls trying out. Only a couple of them had any experience playing organized Softball. They held together with support from family and friends. They have been competitive in the OIA White or Division II league.

Just having, and more importantly, maintaining the team has been a challenge, struggle, and a demonstration of determination and perserverance.

The yell of encouragement from the coaches who speak Hawaiian has been the call to "Don't give up!" The girls never gave up. Mai ha'awipio!


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