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First Freshman

First Freshman

(Wed) October 19, 2005

Katie Hoppe (Waianae High School)

Every year the Girls Varsity Volleyball team has the average mix of veterans and newcomers, both juniors and seniors. This year is a little different.

Freshman Courtney Semnivage is an unprecedented first for the Varsity team. "She actually asked to try out for varsity because she had played for the Junior Olympics over the summer. We invited her to come and we saw something we liked so we decided to keep her," Salboro said.

Semnivage knows she is unique and is grateful for the opportunity to be on the varsity team.

"It feels really good because it shows that I've practiced really hard for this opportunity, because it kind of doesn't happen to everyone," Semnivage said.

Being a freshman on the varsity team may have its challenges, but Semnivage is prepared. "Sometimes I already know what the coach is going to tell me and I just have to practice harder and try to get ahead of the others so they can kind of catch up with me," she said.

Semnivage has a lot going for her, but she has some work to do. "She hustles a lot, she's a hard working player wanting to get playing time. She has a lot to learn as a freshman, but give her a couple of years, during her sophomore, junior and senior years she's going to be awesome," Salboro said

"I mostly like hitting because when I hit, if I'm really mad, I can just kind of put all my anger into the ball," Semnivage stated.

Though some might think it would be difficult for a freshman to find acceptance with older varsity girls, that's not the case this time. "I like it because we can talk more. When I came over here they were all nice to me and talked to me," Semnivage explained.

"I think that she is a very talented player. I guess it was kind of awkward for her coming on to the team because we all played before and knew each other, but she wasn't afraid, she was really open with everyone and got along with everyone just fine and she is really fun to be with," commented fellow player Senior Jessica Tolentino.

With the season off to a comfortable start and 12 games ahead of her, Semnivage has high hopes for the rest of the year. "This year I really hope that we don't have any arguments, and that I get more playing time than now," said Semnivage.

"My hopes for her are to learn my philosophy, learn Waianae's philosophy and to keep growing as a player both physically and mentally," Salboro said.

Dedication, motivation and enthusiasm are some of the qualities that helped make Semnivage the first freshman on the Girls Varsity team.


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