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Waipahu Softball

Waipahu Softball

(Fri) February 11, 2005

Krystal Baba (Waipahu High School)

Buy some peanuts and cracker jacks, the Marauder girl's softball team is back. Coming out strong, the girls won their first game against the Farrington Governors, blanking them 10-0. The girls wiped out the undefeatable Kalaheo Lady Mustangs 12-2, giving the Mustangs their first loss of the season.

Last season, the girl's softball team started with the minimum of nine players. This was their chance to put their skills to the test. As the season progressed, the team was one player short and the other players' eligibility became questionable due to grades, causing the team to forfeit the rest of the season.

"This season, our grades are our first priority," said senior Malia Spencer. This season the team is making every little thing count. To look professional, the girls always have their shirts tucked in before they step onto the field. They also cannot chew gum or wear any type of jewelry. If any one of the players throws a bad throw or misses a catch, they have to drop and do push-ups as punishment.

The girls are spending their time on the field from Monday to Saturday working on hitting, fielding, running, and brushing up on basics. Despite all their hard work and dedication, they still have come across a problem.

This season the girls have 25 players. Unfortunately, everyone is on the varsity team, because the JV team does not have a coach. The team also lacks the amount of captains. Coach Sherry Elarco said, "Everyone has a place to be a captain on this team." Most of the team this year is made up of beginners, which means everyone needs to work harder as a team. "We really do have a lot of potential," said senior Juliana Sooalo.

Half of the season has already passed and the girls claim they are back in the game. "We all hope to have a better season and are very glad we actually get to play this year," said Spencer.


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